Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ditching the Mascara

I have a good relationship with my eyelashes. They are dark and reasonably long and curled, without being too sparse. The look a lot fuller, longer and sultrier with mascara on, but I'm still fine to embrace a lack of mascara on my lashes. And in the right circumstances, I like it. When the dreaded question 'if you were on a desert island and you could only take one beauty product what would it be?' comes up, my answer is never mascara. It's usually concealer or lipstick.

I love the effect a soft wash of brown or taupe has on the lid and underneath the eye. I find it can make a casual day look seem even sexier than if you have applied lashings of mascara and eyeliner. It's youthful and seems effortless.

I pair this look with a very light base, usually concealer and a touch of foundation if needed, then a swipe of blusher and a balm for the lips. Sometimes I jazz it up a bit with a red lipgloss or lip stain. It's a good way to wear a red lip during the day without seeming too overdone.

Whatever you're preferences or the state of your lashes, try it out. You might like it. Even if you hate it, at least you wont be worrying whether your mascara has flaked!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Resolutions That Have Stuck

January is coming to an end so what better time to review what resolutions have managed to stick around, and which I have completely forgotten about. I have never been a huge fan of making resolutions. I feel that they're usually cloaked in failure. Last year I made one to keep a journal and write in it everyday. It lasted the first few months but eventually resulted in me overanalysing everything! So this year I stuck to three that I wanted to become lifestyle changes, instead of just another fad. And two of those three have managed to stick around for the whole of January.

1. Eat less sugar. This one was motivated my Sam from Pixiwoo's video here, as well as a Vogue beauty post here. This resolution was one I had doubts about sticking to, but has surprisingly been my easiest task. I decided to cut out all unnatural and refined sugars, only eating fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth. It stopped the cravings for chocolate and icecream and has improved my skin greatly, and it's only been a month. Definitely one I want to pursue and turn into a lifestyle change.

2. Get into a running groove. I envy those runners you see that can go on for hours without so much as a grimace on their faces. I on the other hand huff and puff for half an hour in uncomfortable pain, returning home resembling a sweaty beetroot. But I decided that to overcome this by running more often. So far I have managed this, and have even started to enjoy my runs. My goal is to look like I'm having as much fun as Charlotte York running through Central Park smiling from ear to ear in the first Sex and the City movie (minus the heavily pregnant stomach).

3. Stop grinding my teeth. This one has been a fail. On January 1st I caught myself mid grind. I'm not sure why I grind my teeth so much, but I think it may have to do with me being a very fidgety person. Even when I'm sat still, I'll be tapping my foot and drumming my fingers on the desk. I like to think that my molars don't serve any purpose anyways, as I am a vegetarian, therefore a lack of tough chewy food goes into my body.

So here are my resolutions. Two are going strong, one is a fail. Which is surprisingly successful for me. Now lets see if they continue well into February.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Outfit of the Day

Today I was dressed pretty casual just running around town doing odd jobs. So my outfit was comfy and laid back

Blue skinny jeans. I love skinny jeans. It's impossible to get my out of them no matter what the season. Except for maybe one month in summer, but then I usually just stand somewhere with a cool breeze. These are just a cheap pair, I bought after ripping my Dr Denims in a not so ideal place. I bought them just to serve me until I found a better quality pair, but to my surprise they have actually been a good investment. Thirty dollars well spent.

Superga Cotu Classic Sneakers in Mushroom. These are the comfiest sneakers I've ever owned. I used to be a Chucks girl, owning a pair of bedraggled black hightops that have served me well for seven years (yes I've counted). But once I bought my Supergas there was no going back. They seem to have more support, are comfy, and come in some awesome colours. The rubber is cream not white, which means they don't look dorky clean when you first wear them.

Navy jumper. This is another staple in my wardrobe alongside my jeans. I never used to own a navy jumper, until after seeing countless pictures of Alexa Chung looking gorgeous in her navy jumper. I thought it was time for me to buy my own, and ever since I have hardly stopped wearing it.

Ksubi Sunglasses, Rana. These are my favourite sunglasses at the moment. They seem to go with everything. The shape of them with the pointed tips, I find to be cool, modern and super flattering.

Suede bag. I made this not to long ago and soon enough it became my go-to bag for running out the door. It's perfect for holding my keys, wallet, sunnies, and essential makeup, without having to lug around a huge tote.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

What to do on a rainy day

Yesterday was a miserable dreary day because it was raining. However for me this is my favourite sort of day, especially when it lands on a weekend. I am definitely a winter gal. I love walking in the rain, being rugged up by the fireplace, and everything else associated with rainy day activities. So here are some ideas for what to do on a rainy day, especially if you're the type of person that is usually sat inside longing for the sun to return.

1. Embrace the rain. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than going outside on a rainy day (preferably in warm and waterproof clothes). Go to a park with your other half. Chances are there will be nobody around, which I find to be a bit of a blessing, and is also a bonus if you have a dog.

2. Watch a movie. Blankets and hot cocoa are a must for this activity. Every winter I look forward to rainy weekends, especially thunderstorms. Lying on the couch, watching a movie and sipping on a large mug of hot cocoa is possibly my favourite type of day. Much preferred than hot sunny days lying on the beach (for some reason all I can ever think about is wrinkly skin and skin cancer). My brother makes the best hot cocoa. He uses cream, milk chocolate, cinnamon and sometimes a bit of chilli. He heats it all up on the stove and then gives it a quick whisk before pouring it into a cup to make it light and frothy. It doesn't just warm the stomach but the soul as well.

3. Bake a cake. The smell of a cake in the oven I find to be on the same level as hot cocoa when it comes to warming your soul. Paired with a hot cocoa, this is the ultimate rainy day snack. Now you just need to rent out your movie, find a big snuggly blanket and relax on the couch.

4. Have a sleep-in. The sound of rain pattering on the roof. Need I say more?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Mood board: Living in a dream

1. Image from Alexa Chung's book It, 2. Chanel 2014 Spring-Summer Haute Couture, 3. Alexa Chung It, 4. Lana Del Rey, 5. Diptyque Roses Candle

My inspiration for today's mood board is inspired by Chanel's Couture show in Paris earlier this week. I watched the show on the Chanel website, and of course it was like living in a dream. Therefore all the images in this mood board were chosen because they send me to that same dreamy place that Chanel manages to do with all of their fashion shows. 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

How I Use Coconut Oil

I recently bought a jar of coconut oil after reading multiple blog posts either raving about the stuff or cursing it for making their faces melt off. I naturally I was curious to see what would happen to my own body if I used this somewhat infamous oil. After doing a bit more research I figured that I should buy it unrefined, cold pressed and extra virgin. This way all the goodness stays in it. I picked up my jar at an Indian spice shop for about $8. After a few weeks of using coconut oil I have figured out where it works best on my skin.

1. Night cream -I use a small amount of coconut oil at night after I have cleansed my face. I use it all over my face and neck, massaging it in quite intently, and if it does end up feeling a tad greasy, I will press a cloth to my skin to get off the excess. *Warning, you may look like a melting wax figure if you have put on too much. Think Daft Punk Instant Crush music video.*  It hasn't broken me out, despite the fact that my skin does like to misbehave quite regularly with impulsive breakouts. And it also moisturises my skin well. I have dehydrated skin, which can also be very oily if I don't care for it properly.

2. Eye cream -I also use this as an eye cream, putting a small amount all around my eyes at night, and the tiniest amount under my eyes in the morning. It makes the skin around my eyes noticeably softer and it also blends in well with my concealer. 

3. Hair mask- After using this on my hair, I am more than willing to throw out all my other hair masks. I have long curly hair which can be dry at the ends. I put this all over my hair when it was dry before a shower, and massaged it in to the ends and a small amount up to the roots. Then I tied my hair into a bun and left the oil to do its magic for about fifteen minutes. I washed it out with shampoo and then added a small amount of my normal conditioner. When I blow-dried my hair it felt noticeably softer, less frizzy and even glossier than it usually is. It was a lot easier to tame my locks, which can sometimes be quite the task (humidity is the enemy of curly haired girls). I kept running my hands through my hair all day! I even made my friends do it and they agreed that my hair was super soft.

For $8 a jar this is definitely a bargain, and I am not planning on falling off the bandwagon anytime soon. It has replaced my night cream, eye cream and hair masks, and I have hardly made a dent in the jar!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I came across this band when they had just released their first EP early last year, and I got hooked through only listening to three of their songs. Ever since then I have been eagerly anticipating their debut album. They're a New York based band but there is definitely an element of Britishness to their music. Not to mention the lead singer is also a male model who also loves literature...always a bonus!

Their album comes out next week, but I saw that BEAT Magazine have uploaded an album stream to listen. So it's a given that this has been playing almost non-stop in my house for the last few days!

It is definitely worth a listen if you're a fan of bands like The Vaccines, The Smiths, or even Arctic Monkeys. It's the type of album that makes me dream of living in New York hanging out with friends and drinking beers on rooftop balconies...if that's even possible!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Learning to Sew

I recently started to learn to sew. It all began when my mother bought a new sewing machine, as her old one was a nightmare to use. I have always been into crafty things. My Nana taught me how to knit at a young age and over the last few years I have improved a lot and can now knit many different things, including simple knits such as beanies and scarves, as well as much bigger projects like jumpers. So sewing seemed to be a given, and I couldn't believe that I hadn't gotten into it earlier. Now if anybody was to see the amount of books on sewing, fabrics, really anything related to sewing that I regularly check out from the library, they would probably give me a few odd looks.

Fabric stores are a whole new and different world to me. When I first went into one with my mother I had no idea where to begin. It wasn't just the types of fabric that overwhelmed me, but the different textures versions that particular fabric. There was everything from linens to silks, wools, polyester, cotton, even hide. Certain fabrics to perform different duties. I was looking for a silk to make a nice simple camisole, and I remember standing in front of a wall piled with silks for a good fifteen minutes before I asked my mum to help me find one that would be appropriate. 

Since my first visit to the fabric store I have managed to sew a pair of shorts, multiple camisoles, a nice shirt, make up bags for my sister and I, and I'm currently sewing a pair of trousers. There have been a lot of failed attempts and dramas, including a couple of broken needles, but I am beginning to get the hang of it. However, I still have a lot to learn about fabrics, and I managed to find a book to help me along the way.

Cloth by Cassandra Ellis is a gorgeous book that is divided into different sections, depending on what fabric you're looking at. The book covers cotton, wool, silk, hide and linen. It looks at the history of these fabrics, the way they are made, the different variations, and what they are predominantly used for.

Contents Page

It also includes many amazing projects for both around the house and to wear. After finishing the chapter on wool, there is an overnight bag that I have my eye on making next! The projects in the book include cushions, bags, purses, curtains, even oven gloves! It also has many things that are perfect for using up scrap bits of fabric, including these heart shaped silk talismans.

Silk Talismans

Overnight Bag

There is something rewarding about wearing or using something that you have made yourself. I will definitely have the sewing bug throughout the Summer before I switch back to my woollen projects for Winter, and this book is a little bit of inspiration that has taken a spot on my already overcrowded bookshelf.