Thursday, 23 January 2014

How I Use Coconut Oil

I recently bought a jar of coconut oil after reading multiple blog posts either raving about the stuff or cursing it for making their faces melt off. I naturally I was curious to see what would happen to my own body if I used this somewhat infamous oil. After doing a bit more research I figured that I should buy it unrefined, cold pressed and extra virgin. This way all the goodness stays in it. I picked up my jar at an Indian spice shop for about $8. After a few weeks of using coconut oil I have figured out where it works best on my skin.

1. Night cream -I use a small amount of coconut oil at night after I have cleansed my face. I use it all over my face and neck, massaging it in quite intently, and if it does end up feeling a tad greasy, I will press a cloth to my skin to get off the excess. *Warning, you may look like a melting wax figure if you have put on too much. Think Daft Punk Instant Crush music video.*  It hasn't broken me out, despite the fact that my skin does like to misbehave quite regularly with impulsive breakouts. And it also moisturises my skin well. I have dehydrated skin, which can also be very oily if I don't care for it properly.

2. Eye cream -I also use this as an eye cream, putting a small amount all around my eyes at night, and the tiniest amount under my eyes in the morning. It makes the skin around my eyes noticeably softer and it also blends in well with my concealer. 

3. Hair mask- After using this on my hair, I am more than willing to throw out all my other hair masks. I have long curly hair which can be dry at the ends. I put this all over my hair when it was dry before a shower, and massaged it in to the ends and a small amount up to the roots. Then I tied my hair into a bun and left the oil to do its magic for about fifteen minutes. I washed it out with shampoo and then added a small amount of my normal conditioner. When I blow-dried my hair it felt noticeably softer, less frizzy and even glossier than it usually is. It was a lot easier to tame my locks, which can sometimes be quite the task (humidity is the enemy of curly haired girls). I kept running my hands through my hair all day! I even made my friends do it and they agreed that my hair was super soft.

For $8 a jar this is definitely a bargain, and I am not planning on falling off the bandwagon anytime soon. It has replaced my night cream, eye cream and hair masks, and I have hardly made a dent in the jar!

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