Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Resolutions That Have Stuck

January is coming to an end so what better time to review what resolutions have managed to stick around, and which I have completely forgotten about. I have never been a huge fan of making resolutions. I feel that they're usually cloaked in failure. Last year I made one to keep a journal and write in it everyday. It lasted the first few months but eventually resulted in me overanalysing everything! So this year I stuck to three that I wanted to become lifestyle changes, instead of just another fad. And two of those three have managed to stick around for the whole of January.

1. Eat less sugar. This one was motivated my Sam from Pixiwoo's video here, as well as a Vogue beauty post here. This resolution was one I had doubts about sticking to, but has surprisingly been my easiest task. I decided to cut out all unnatural and refined sugars, only eating fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth. It stopped the cravings for chocolate and icecream and has improved my skin greatly, and it's only been a month. Definitely one I want to pursue and turn into a lifestyle change.

2. Get into a running groove. I envy those runners you see that can go on for hours without so much as a grimace on their faces. I on the other hand huff and puff for half an hour in uncomfortable pain, returning home resembling a sweaty beetroot. But I decided that to overcome this by running more often. So far I have managed this, and have even started to enjoy my runs. My goal is to look like I'm having as much fun as Charlotte York running through Central Park smiling from ear to ear in the first Sex and the City movie (minus the heavily pregnant stomach).

3. Stop grinding my teeth. This one has been a fail. On January 1st I caught myself mid grind. I'm not sure why I grind my teeth so much, but I think it may have to do with me being a very fidgety person. Even when I'm sat still, I'll be tapping my foot and drumming my fingers on the desk. I like to think that my molars don't serve any purpose anyways, as I am a vegetarian, therefore a lack of tough chewy food goes into my body.

So here are my resolutions. Two are going strong, one is a fail. Which is surprisingly successful for me. Now lets see if they continue well into February.

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