Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fashion Week Beauty

I always get excited for fashion week, because it means new inspiration for makeup. I'm constantly checking out the Vogue UK website and scrolling through all the beauty looks whenever it is that time of season. These are some of my favourites I have spotted so far. 

Rag & Bone. I love how the eyeliner has been lifted away from the lash line, creating a more modern and interesting approach to the classic kitten flick. I love a black eyeliner, but sometimes I find I can get in a bit of a makeup rut with how I wear my eye makeup. Hopefully this will become a way to jazz up my looks a bit more.

Rodarte. Bronzed, Romantic and sultry. I am a big fan of a wash of colour all over the lid, and Rodarte have taken theirs all the way into the brows, creating a haze of warm rusty tones. The lips add that extra bit of wow; the extra sultriness. It makes me think of the Romantic Period and Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and other Romantic composers of that calibre.

Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love this eyeliner. I have loved the makeup they do for their fashion shows for a few seasons now, how there always seems to be an element of 60s style in there somewhere.

Marc Jacobs. The crease. What could be a harsh look, seems so pared back with the soft browns blended into a half moon in the crease and along the lash line. The rest of the face is kept very bare, however this look is not for the faint hearted, especially with the bleached eyebrows.

Burberry Prorsum. This is another brand whose runway beauty has had me lust after their collections for a while now. I absolutely loved last season's pink hues on the eyes, and to follow suit, this season the makeup is all very similar, except instead of pink, aubergine is the colour of choice. And I love it. Possibly my favourite look of fashion week.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I Met God, She's Black

I saw a photo of this jumper on tumblr and loved it immediately. So I scoured the web to see where it was from and ordered myself one from their website for $40USD. It's designed by RooftopsNYC in New York, so it's being shipped to me as I type!

I showed a picture of it to my mum and she hated it, saying that it was blasphemous. I couldn't disagree more. I love how it challenges the social norms with both race and gender equality in one. I don't see it as being blaphemous, because I was always taught that God is everything, neither black or white, neither male nor female. But in today's culture, the image of God is usually always portrayed as white and male, and this is considered okay. So I love this jumper for challenging these social ideals with such a simple yet effective slogan. I am looking forward to the odd looks and possibly comments that I will get wearing this around town.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What I'm Listening To

George Ezra, Benjamin Twine. I came across this song when I was watching a Burberry commercial. I love how they always have up and coming British artists. this was how I also discovered Tom Odell and Jake Bugg.

Arctic Monkeys, You're So Dark. I love Arctic Monkeys, I love how their sound has progressed and changed so much. This song is dark and sultry, and the thought of Alex Turner singing it to me is just swoon-worthy.

Drowners, A Button On Your Blouse. I've already gushed about this band here, and this is their new single. I love everything about this song and this video. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Books I Read Over Again

 Every year I make a new list of books to get through in the coming year. I usually add to this list throughout the year and cross some books off. Some of the time books get half read and forgotten. Most of the time I find myself going back to the same four books.

Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare. I absolutely love this play. I take it with me whenever I travel. I have always had a thing for cryptic words and the way that the most simplest of scenarios can be formed into something much more beautiful. I guess that's why I'm such a big fan of older books. Because the social cues and the way words are written can seem so foreign, yet we're all still speaking the same language. Baz Luhrman's adaptation is one of my favourites. I love the modern twist, yet the way it is spoken is so old school. Sometimes I open it to my favourite acts, other times I will read it start to finish.

Catcher in the Rye, J.D Salinger. When I first finished this book I loved it. It's filled with teenage angst and stress and all the emotions in between. It frustrates you and you really start to understand the character, and I see myself in this character when I read the book. The pages are not yet dog eared and the spine is not completely worn out, but I know this is a book I'm going to read and read again.

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald. When I first read the book I envied Gatsby, and was frustrated at how the book ends. The second time I read it I began to pity Gatsby and it made me so upset the way his friends treat him. Once you get past the whole lavishness and abundance of wealth that can overwhelm you when you first read this book, you start to see the characters in a whole new perspective. Again, Baz Luhrman's adaptation is one I love. The luxuriousness of Gatsby's wealth, making him so hard to place, and so riddled with rumours, that nobody really knows what to believe, yet nobody really believes the truth.

The Bellwether Revivals, Benjamin Wood. This is a fairly modern book by my standards. It starts with a foreshadowing, so the whole time you read it, you find yourself trying to decipher the characters in a way that you can only do when you know what the outcome is going to be. It's set at Oxford, and the story is cast through the eyes of a young man and how he views the new friends that he has made.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Becca Songbird Soft Touch Blush

Becca Soft Touch Blush in Songbird, Stila Blush Brush 24a

I bought this on a whim because I had never tried the Becca Blushers before and it was on sale at a bargain price. I'm a huge fan of their lip and check tints and their face powders.
When I first tried this I absolutely hated it. It is really pigmented and I was definitely overzealous with my application! I had previously been using NARS Douceur which is the subtlest of flushes. So I threw it into my makeup bag and completely forgot about it for a few months.

I decided to give it another try recently. This time however I  approached my technique differently. I swished my brush around the pan and then took most of the product off on the back of my hand. This made it a lot easier to build. I applied it to the backs and tops of my cheekbones, making sure not to come too far into the centre of my face (that's a personal preference of mine. I find it the most flattering way to wear blush on my face.) I then took a big fluffy brush with no product on it and blended the edges.

Colour wise this blush is a peachy coral. I think it would be hard to wear with a lot of red lipsticks if there isn't an orange undertone, but when worn right, it is gorgeous.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Relationship With Coffee

I first got into drinking coffee in my last year of high school. I would stop by the little French Cafe up the road from school and order a trim flat white. Fast forward a year and I was at University, guzzling it back by the galleon. At my University, people seemed to fall into two categories when it came to the warm liquidy goodness. They were either addicts, where there was always a coffee cup in sight, and it would ooze out of their pores, or they woudn't touch the stuff because it apparently tasted gross and made them jitter. I was most definitely on of the former. It would be a given that no matter what time my lecture was, there would be a warm cup in my hand. I would be writing notes with my left hand, holding the coffee in my right, and jiggling my foot under my desk all simultaneously. Maybe the jitters did get to me a bit...

Over the years my tastes evolved and I went from the milky smooth lattes and flat whites, into what I considered to be the hard stuff of machiattos and long blacks. With this evolution, also came the evolution of my pallet. The different beans I preferred and also the different ways I liked to brew coffee changed over the years.

My brother and I shared this fascination and borderline obsession of coffee. At home it was strictly plunger coffee in my house. But then we acquired a Chemex, which had its spot in the limelight until I became too impatient waiting for my coffee to brew. At cafes we would try V60s, Syphons, Cold Brews and all that exciting stuff, and it was amazing how different the taste could be. We also acquired different tastes for beans. I preferred a more caramel and richer depth in my coffee, whereas my brother preferred the fruitier and sharper tastes. It was a great way for us to bond, when I was at Uni and he was working, and there wasn't much to talk about, we could always rely on coffee.

I am in no way a coffee expert, and I feel like there is so much more I need to learn about the stuff, but it is something that I am absolutely obsessed with. However, no matter what scientific ways they come up with next for brewing coffee, I'll always be a plunger gal at heart.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What's On My Wishlist

NARSissist Palette. This thing looks amazing. I feel like wherever I turn, there's a new amazing neutral palette to fawn over. It's definitely their time in the limelight, and I am not complaining! From Blush palletes to Eyes, I feel like my makeup stash in looking very inadequate without these beauties in it!  Most definitely on my wish list!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I've heard so many great reviews about this product so the other day I tried it on in store and I loved it. It took away my dark circles and had good coverage without looking cakey. Sometimes I find that concealers sit on top of my skin and can enhance my eye bags, but this one didn't. Hence why it's on my wishlist. I'm currently using the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer which I also love, so once I finish that I'll be making my way to the NARS counter to in pursuit of their Radiant Creamy Concealer.

Dr Libby Beauty from the Inside I recently cut back on the amount of refined sugars in my diet, and my friend recommended that I should read this book. So in an attempt to become a lot healthier, this book is on my wishlist. It looks at food in a very scientific way, as opposed in an emotional way, and explains why our body needs certain foods. Dr Libby also has two cookbooks along the same line as this book.

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder. This was another product I tried in the store and fell in love with. It carves out my otherwise non existent cheekbones amazingly without the dreaded orange tinge that a lot of bronzers seem to have on my fairly pale complexion.

Monday, 3 February 2014


When it comes to skirt inspiration, I usually look no further than Laura Bailey and Alexa Chung. These Brits have this fashion down to a T. Just to be clear, I'm talking about inbetweeners of the skirt world. Neither short nor long. These are the ones that teen magazines tell impressionable girls to stay away from, because they either make your calves look huge, or your legs look stumpy. But screw those magazines! If worn well, this length can look amazing. It shows off just the right amount of leg whilst still looking elegant sexy. I love pairing inbetweener skirts with comfy jumpers, for the whole slouchy effortless look, without looking scruffy.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

January Favorites

This is a list of all the things that seem to have been gracing my face and body most frequently throughout January. It's quite a small list of favourites because I've been on holiday for most of January, so the makeup has been reasonably minimal.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit. This stays on amazingly. Along with the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze, these are my favourite eyeshadows to use at the moment. The Benefit one is a lot creamier and you have more playtime with it, but once it sets it's there to last. I love the colour because it is natural with just a hit of shimmer to it. It defines the eye and the crease well and on lazy makeup days I just smudge this all over my eye and leave my eyeshadow there. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad To the Bronze does not budge once set. I use it all over the lid with my fingers and then smudge a bit underneath the eye too. It creates a nice shadow in the crease for a slightly worn-in look.

MAC Pattiserie lipstick is one of my favourites for everyday as well as nights out. It's most definitely a multitasking lipstick that you can get away with wearing anywhere. It's a nude pink brown with a bit of shimmer to it which seems to just enhance my lip colour perfectly without looking too girly and pink.

Butter London nail polish in Sloane Ranger. This is my favourite colour to wear on my nails at the moment. It's a grey olive colour. I love the colour range of butter nail polishes because you can get some really unique colours. The formula of these polishes is good and they're free of all the nasties that a lot of nail polishes have in them. And if you apply them well with a top coat they don't chip easily.

Kokonati Pure Ceylon Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I love this stuff. I use it on my hair, face, nails, elbows. Anywhere that needs a bit of nurture I use this stuff. I've already done a post about coconut oil here, so I wont rant on too much about it. All I'll say is that it can really give your skin a glow from within.