Thursday, 6 February 2014

Becca Songbird Soft Touch Blush

Becca Soft Touch Blush in Songbird, Stila Blush Brush 24a

I bought this on a whim because I had never tried the Becca Blushers before and it was on sale at a bargain price. I'm a huge fan of their lip and check tints and their face powders.
When I first tried this I absolutely hated it. It is really pigmented and I was definitely overzealous with my application! I had previously been using NARS Douceur which is the subtlest of flushes. So I threw it into my makeup bag and completely forgot about it for a few months.

I decided to give it another try recently. This time however I  approached my technique differently. I swished my brush around the pan and then took most of the product off on the back of my hand. This made it a lot easier to build. I applied it to the backs and tops of my cheekbones, making sure not to come too far into the centre of my face (that's a personal preference of mine. I find it the most flattering way to wear blush on my face.) I then took a big fluffy brush with no product on it and blended the edges.

Colour wise this blush is a peachy coral. I think it would be hard to wear with a lot of red lipsticks if there isn't an orange undertone, but when worn right, it is gorgeous.

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