Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I Met God, She's Black

I saw a photo of this jumper on tumblr and loved it immediately. So I scoured the web to see where it was from and ordered myself one from their website for $40USD. It's designed by RooftopsNYC in New York, so it's being shipped to me as I type!

I showed a picture of it to my mum and she hated it, saying that it was blasphemous. I couldn't disagree more. I love how it challenges the social norms with both race and gender equality in one. I don't see it as being blaphemous, because I was always taught that God is everything, neither black or white, neither male nor female. But in today's culture, the image of God is usually always portrayed as white and male, and this is considered okay. So I love this jumper for challenging these social ideals with such a simple yet effective slogan. I am looking forward to the odd looks and possibly comments that I will get wearing this around town.

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