Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Relationship With Coffee

I first got into drinking coffee in my last year of high school. I would stop by the little French Cafe up the road from school and order a trim flat white. Fast forward a year and I was at University, guzzling it back by the galleon. At my University, people seemed to fall into two categories when it came to the warm liquidy goodness. They were either addicts, where there was always a coffee cup in sight, and it would ooze out of their pores, or they woudn't touch the stuff because it apparently tasted gross and made them jitter. I was most definitely on of the former. It would be a given that no matter what time my lecture was, there would be a warm cup in my hand. I would be writing notes with my left hand, holding the coffee in my right, and jiggling my foot under my desk all simultaneously. Maybe the jitters did get to me a bit...

Over the years my tastes evolved and I went from the milky smooth lattes and flat whites, into what I considered to be the hard stuff of machiattos and long blacks. With this evolution, also came the evolution of my pallet. The different beans I preferred and also the different ways I liked to brew coffee changed over the years.

My brother and I shared this fascination and borderline obsession of coffee. At home it was strictly plunger coffee in my house. But then we acquired a Chemex, which had its spot in the limelight until I became too impatient waiting for my coffee to brew. At cafes we would try V60s, Syphons, Cold Brews and all that exciting stuff, and it was amazing how different the taste could be. We also acquired different tastes for beans. I preferred a more caramel and richer depth in my coffee, whereas my brother preferred the fruitier and sharper tastes. It was a great way for us to bond, when I was at Uni and he was working, and there wasn't much to talk about, we could always rely on coffee.

I am in no way a coffee expert, and I feel like there is so much more I need to learn about the stuff, but it is something that I am absolutely obsessed with. However, no matter what scientific ways they come up with next for brewing coffee, I'll always be a plunger gal at heart.

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