Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Frankie, Nostalgia, and Fashion Blasphemy.

There is only one magazine that I have bought religiously for years, and it is Frankie. I love it because it's not just about fashion and beauty, but there is a lot of lifestyle and travel in the mix as well, and some very witty articles about the strangest of things. It's an Australian magazine that comes out every two months. It is fully paper, not a glossy page in site, and there is always a free poster and monthly calendar included. For a while the walls in my room were covered with these posters! But since repainting my room all I have on my walls now is the Frankie 2014 wall planner I got with the last issue, and an old poster of John Lennon.

If I was to pick the sections that I read most fondly, it will have to be travel, diy, and usually the homebody section. Some of my favourites from these sections are the mulled wine recipe, how to grow your own succulents, and any of the travel and homebody features. I love seeing how other people live, and Frankie has a knack or finding quirky and interesting people to write about.

There is a male version called Smith Journal, which I sometimes find myself reading when my brother buys it, but Frankie is just the best. Just the right amount of girly with a mix of more stimulating articles. I hate myself for saying this, but sometimes Vogue just doesn't cut it for me. I know...I feel like I will be eating my own words next time my favourite celebrity decides to grace the pages of Vogue.

My mum and I have even got a routine for reading Frankie. I scan through all the pages reading the articles that really stick out to me. Then mum will flick through and have a good read of the more homey sections. After she''s done, I'll spend about a week going through the issue with a fine-tooth comb, devouring every page with my eyes twice over. So Frankie has created some very fond memories for me.

Last summer in their 50th issue they included a section of recipes of cakes and slices which are all absolutely delicious! My favourite was a chocolate cake which had black coffee in it and the most delicious sour cream icing, and it was surprisingly easy and reasonably foolproof to make. So last summer is filled with memories of chocolate cakes for birthdays, weekends, really just whenever I felt like making one. And my family definitely did not complain. That was until they felt that dreaded pinch of clothes slightly too small! Now whenever I make this cake I feel a sense of nostalgia for times passed.

So Frankie, I love you. I only wish you came around more often.

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