Sunday, 23 March 2014

Untaming My Locks

I have curly hair. And I learned to embrace my curls in my late teens. However, I never really embraced them to their full extent. It would always be my curls, just a little softer, and a little more tame. Since reading this piece on Intothegloss, I decided to take a different approach to my curls. This had been coming for quite some time, but this article really kickstarted it. But first, a bit about my curly haired past:

I had lovely ringlets as a child, and my curls kept tight through primary and high school. They were super curly, but easy enough to manage with the aid of my sister's hair straighteners. I went to an all girls high school with a strict uniform, and part of that uniform was having to have your hair tied up. So for seven years my hair was tied back in low ponytails, messy buns and top knots, leaving little room for learning to style my curly hair. But once I left school and went to university I was able to experiment with my hair, as well as makeup and clothes. I would wear my hair out, chop off the length, grow it long, dye it darker, get a fringe, grow out that fringe. Pretty much anything. Some days my hair was pink, others purple, blonde or brown. But the usual texture of my hair was a blown out curl. I learned to master the hair dryer into making my curls nice and reasonably manageable. Compared to my straight haired friends my hair still seemed unruly and big, but to me it was well controlled. And apart from the occasional day, or when the weather was against me, my hair would stay like this.

I few months ago I went to my hairdresser with bed head. It was early, there was no point in styling my hair before the appointment so I just tied it up. When he let it out he loved it, loved the texture and all that stuff that hair dressers love. So at the end of the appointment when he was about to style my hair, he suggested that instead of the usual soft wave that most hair dressers seemed to do, he suggested leaving my hair in its natural state. So that's what we did, and I was really surprised at how curly my hair could become. He used the diffuser on the hair dryer, twisting and scrunching my hair to a near dry but not quite state, using Davines curl oil and salt spray. I loved it, but I still went back to styling my hair as usual. Until now.

It's only been a week of me wearing my hair in its more natural state, so it's too early for a verdict, especially as I've just changed up my hair washing routine. But for the time being, I am most definitely enjoying walking in the rain without having to worry about the frizz, because really I have a whole head of frizz to embrace!

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