Sunday, 20 April 2014

New Obsessions, Old Obsessions: Music

I thought I would start a series of New Obsessions, Old Obsessions posts where I talk about things that I have been obsessing over more frequently. I'm going to start off with music, because that's what inspired this mini post series, but I'll also do some posts on beauty, fashion, food and everything else I seem to be finding myself obsess over.

New Obsession: Sky Ferreira, Night Time, My Time. I just got into this album when I heard the song Boys, and I instantly fell in love with it, which led to me streaming the whole album, and getting caught up in a fantasy of the world in which Sky Ferreira would possibly live in.

Old Obsession: Radiohead. No particular album here, just Radiohead in general. I've been getting all nostalgic on my iTunes lately. Certain songs that have been hitting the repeat button more frequently, including Just, Last Flowers, Let Down and Lurgee.

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